Things to think about before the next giant portion size…

Can what you eat affect your sex life? Ten years ago, we would not have worried about food as much as we do today. However, we know that many foods can have a negative effect on our health, and even play havoc with our libido. The government is trying to push us all in the right direction when it comes to food but many people are still resisting. I am even surprised at the amount of junk food the girls at Fulham escorts eat, and believe it or not, I often spot my friends at Fulham escorts of in McDonalds.  But, I think that the girls should take a few things under consideration before they stuff the next giant portion into their mouth.


There are a lot of healthier choices if you would like to eat out than McDonalds. Salad bars are great, and most salad bars do not come with a health warning like McDonalds do. Eating high fat food such as the food that you may get in McDonalds can lead to weight gain, and problems with circulation. I have been dating gents for a long time. Not only at Fulham escorts but also at other escort agencies, and it has always surprise me how many gentlemen do n ot associate what they eat with libido problems.


Libido problems, or what some gents call erection misfunctions, can come from the wrong kind of food. Not only do some of the girls at Fulham escorts eat the wrong kind of food, but I am also often horrified to hear what some of my dates eat as part of their regular diet. It is not unusual for a gent to start the day with a fry up, and then have a roast dinner. I am pretty sure that they don’t realise how much fat and salt they eat during a day. Eating like this on a regular basis can seriously damage your libido.


“ I don’t like rabbit food” If I had a penny for every time I heard that saying, I would be one of the richest girls at Fulham escorts. You don’t need to eat salad all of the time to stay healthy, but adding fresh fruit and vegetables to you diet, can have a positive impact not only on your libido, but on the health of your prostate. This walnut size gland is very sensitive to what we eat, and even a small amount of excess sugar in you diet can cause prostate health problems.

You take all of the supplements under the sun, but unless you have a healthy diet, you are not going to have a healthy prostate.


Cheese is an other culprit when it comes to health problems. I know that it is delicious, but eating a cheese board after you have had a steak meal, may not be the smartest thing that you can do. Once again, this is something that I have seen happen so many times when I have been out on dinner dates with Fulham escorts. There is little wonder why these men are not ready for my special dessert once they have finished their meals. The answer is to eat smaller portions and eat a variety of foods. That is how you maintain a healthy prostate and get that wonderful libido that you have always dreamed about when you meet a hot girl.

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